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Leaf Art

Sound the season change klaxon! I reckon we’re approaching optimal time to make autumnal art. Red and orange leaves are littering our parks, and sunny days mean they haven’t yet turned to mush. They’re perfect for little hands to make into stunning art. I love the work of Mehdi Mo’eeni, an Iranian illustrator who creates […]

Great Halloween Costumes for Twins

Dealing with the day-to-day grind of baby twins is pretty full on. More than pretty full-on, actually. But one of the huge perks is that you get to dress them up in hilarious matching outfits. I don’t need the excuse of Halloween to put them into skeleton babygros or pumpkin hats; that’s the kind of […]

Tin Can Xylophone

Making instruments with kids means double the fun. First you get all the pleasure of putting together your own customized music-maker. And then you can bash it really loudly! And form a band with your mates! We adore this tin can xylophone – team it with a couple of home-made maracas and a kazoo, and […]

The Lunch Bunch

You know what I’m obsessed with? Even more than poking through plush houses on Rightmove, or finding out what British TV shows I know various members of the cast of Game of Thrones from? Looking at other mum’s lunchboxes. Sure, it’s an exercise in self-flagellation (you cut those watermelon stars every morning?), but it can […]

Wings of Desire

I might be slack, but I’m a huge fan of home-made fancy-dress costumes. Shop-bought outfits are fine, but most of them look like they cost about 10p to put together, and that they’ll burst into flames if your kid stands even vaguely near a radiator. So I’m going to give these super-cute wings a go. […]

DIY Cool Baby Mobiles

So, the month or so before you have your sprog is the one period you might actually have time on your hands. Before I dropped, I was so big, I was pretty much confined to the sofa, Gilbert Grape-style. What I should have done is make one of these dandy mobiles for my kids’ room. […]

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Laid-back, real life with twins.