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Great Halloween Costumes for Twins

Dealing with the day-to-day grind of baby twins is pretty full on. More than pretty full-on, actually. But one of the huge perks is that you get to dress them up in hilarious matching outfits. I don’t need the excuse of Halloween to put them into skeleton babygros or pumpkin hats; that’s the kind of […]

Uniqlo Gets Kids Clothes Right

Oh man. If I had infinite amounts of cash, I’d dress my two in every item of clothing that Uniqlo Kids produces. The outfits are super-tough, beautifully designed, and there’s not a spindly giraffe or pastel hue in sight. The new collection looks like it’s designed with stuff that kids actually get up to in […]

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Laid-back, real life with twins.

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Laid-back, real life with twins.