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Spoonful of Sugar

I’ve always been sceptical of the link between sugar and hyperactivity. And this post reinforces my scepticism. The author writes about a study that proves that when mums thought their children had eaten sugar, they believed their kids became hyperactive. Even if they didn’t. Also, that if children were told that sugar made them hyperactive, […]

Hello. I Love You. Will You Please Go Away.

One of the most difficult aspects of having kids for me, wasn’t the pushing, the nappy changing or the sleepless nights, but dealing with a steady stream of guests. I had had a rough couple of births, and ended up with stitches in all quarters. In hospital, I didn’t really notice visitors; I was dosed […]

Baby Routine? No Routine?

Before I had my twins, baby routines seemed like an abstract concept. Like a map for a country I’d never visited. I knew they existed, but if I saw one of these timetables, my eyes would skim over it, like they do a broadsheet’s financial pages. Then the babies landed. I had no idea if […]

What you might need. And what you definitely won’t.

Before our two were born, we thought about what we’d need to buy. These were our first kids, and we didn’t have many friends with nippers to ask for advice. And we didn’t want to spend wads of cash. We’re not broke, but we’re not rolling in it, and would rather spend any spare money […]

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