Monthly Archives: October 2012

Spoonful of Sugar

I’ve always been sceptical of the link between sugar and hyperactivity. And this post reinforces my scepticism. The author writes about a study that proves that when mums thought their children had eaten sugar, they believed their kids became hyperactive. Even if they didn’t. Also, that if children were told that sugar made them hyperactive, […]

Leaf Art

Sound the season change klaxon! I reckon we’re approaching optimal time to make autumnal art. Red and orange leaves are littering our parks, and sunny days mean they haven’t yet turned to mush. They’re perfect for little hands to make into stunning art. I love the work of Mehdi Mo’eeni, an Iranian illustrator who creates […]

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Laid-back, real life with twins.

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Laid-back, real life with twins.

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Laid-back, real life with twins.