Great Halloween Costumes for Twins

Dealing with the day-to-day grind of baby twins is pretty full on. More than pretty full-on, actually. But one of the huge perks is that you get to dress them up in hilarious matching outfits.

I don’t need the excuse of Halloween to put them into skeleton babygros or pumpkin hats; that’s the kind of gear that my two live in, but come October, there’s no excuse for not dressing up your kid in some outfit that will embarrass them in 18 years time. It’s now September and I’m beginning to get a bit twitchy thinking about what my two are going to wear.

Here are my top dream Halloween costumes for twins. Some are shop-bought, but my favourites are home-made. If you have the time, skill, and patience, or a gran with the time, skill and patience, the results are worth the toil and frustration.

1 KISS. This is perfect for a pair of twins and a mum and dad. We’re going to probably wheel this out next year, when A and D have got over their hatred of face-painting (I can’t believe I spawned two kids who hate make-up). Buy here

2 The Twins from The Shining. I think this might be my favourite fancy dress costume for siblings ever. The chance that I might have girl/girl twins next time and be able to dress them like this is the only reason I would want to conceive again. Read about the costume here

3 Sushi. This sushi plus soy sauce sachet pairing is just perfect for a double helping of Halloween cuteness. Buy them from Etsy, or try making your own.

4 Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. If you’ve got two little fellas, this would be a great costume. Especially if they’re bald and a bit round. You could take inspiration from the original illustrations, or the Disney film. But I think that the Tim Burton take on the odd twosome might be the easiest and funniest to recreate:

5 Monkey in a fez. So this is what my son wore last year. Who doesn’t love a monkey in a fez? And just add wings for a Wizard Of Oz-style flying monkey! Release the pursuit toddlers! Buy the costume here


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