Hey. I’m K, I live in London and have twins. They’re a boy and girl, born in November 2010. You work out how old they are; I can’t be bothered to update this bio that often. From time to time I’ve really struggled with them, so I’m going to set down what I learned, as it might be useful to other new mums and dads. I’ll also include some fun things to do with kids, as having kids is, like, a laugh, and we should all make the most of that.

I don’t have a parenting strategy, unless you can call being as laid-back as possible and keeping your own identity a strategy. But, hey, I’ve picked up bits and pieces from different books, taken advice from other mums, and pieced together a style of childcare that works for me. Maybe some of it will help you too.

A few of the things I like: loud, snotty music, capes, strong cheese, old electronic bits and bobs, vintage kitchenware, wedge heels, bubble tea, tweed, old vinyl, camping, pinball machines, pina colada, cool old cars, running in the park, real beer, roller coasters and the seaside.

Things I’m not keen on: mice, bad drivers, gyms, pastel colours, shopping malls, potholing, Oakley sunglasses and Autotune.


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