DIY Cool Baby Mobiles

So, the month or so before you have your sprog is the one period you might actually have time on your hands. Before I dropped, I was so big, I was pretty much confined to the sofa, Gilbert Grape-style. What I should have done is make one of these dandy mobiles for my kids’ room. What I actually did was watch endless repeats of Don’t Tell The Bride and eat a hundredweight of horseradish on toast. But there you go.

You can do better, I’m sure! Let these lovely creations inspire you.

Cute comic book aeroplane mobile

I’d use pages out of superhero comics, The Beano, or perhaps The Sandman or Watchmen for bonus cool points.

To the bat mobile!

I’m a huge fan of anything spooky in a child’s bedroom (our two have a couple of skull tiki mugs and a Mexican day of the dead mask cluttering up their space). So this creatures of the night effort scores full marks from me.

Origami cranes

This is super-stylish and easy to make, as long as you’re pretty hot at making paper birds.

Super Mario mobile

So geeky, yet so right. I love the way this is adapted from a shop-bought mobile. Find a battery-powered one at a boot fair, and customise it…

And finally. I wish this Mr T mobile really existed. I would buy one.


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