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Baby Routine? No Routine?

Before I had my twins, baby routines seemed like an abstract concept. Like a map for a country I’d never visited. I knew they existed, but if I saw one of these timetables, my eyes would skim over it, like they do a broadsheet’s financial pages. Then the babies landed. I had no idea if […]

Uniqlo Gets Kids Clothes Right

Oh man. If I had infinite amounts of cash, I’d dress my two in every item of clothing that Uniqlo Kids produces. The outfits are super-tough, beautifully designed, and there’s not a spindly giraffe or pastel hue in sight. The new collection looks like it’s designed with stuff that kids actually get up to in […]

Of Kids and Ancient Stones

We’re just back from a trip to see Grandma in Wales. While we were there, we took time out to visit Arthur’s Stone, or Maen Ceti, a Neolithic burial tomb dating back to 2500 B.C.. It’s on the beautiful and atmospheric Gower Peninsula. Although the last henge A and D saw was Jeremy Deller’s Sacrilege (a life-sized, […]

DIY Cool Baby Mobiles

So, the month or so before you have your sprog is the one period you might actually have time on your hands. Before I dropped, I was so big, I was pretty much confined to the sofa, Gilbert Grape-style. What I should have done is make one of these dandy mobiles for my kids’ room. […]

What you might need. And what you definitely won’t.

Before our two were born, we thought about what we’d need to buy. These were our first kids, and we didn’t have many friends with nippers to ask for advice. And we didn’t want to spend wads of cash. We’re not broke, but we’re not rolling in it, and would rather spend any spare money […]


Hey. I’m K, I live in London and have twins. They’re a boy and girl, born in November 2010. You work out how old they are; I can’t be bothered to update this bio that often. From time to time I’ve really struggled with them, so I’m going to set down what I learned, as […]

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